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Children's Submission Policy

CHILDREN SUBMISSIONS are accepted for children between the ages of 4 to 14, for union and non-union talent. Please include a picture of your child. (A snapshot or polaroid is sufficient. It does not have to be a professionally prepared headshot.)

Information about your child must be attached and should include, height, weight, eye and hair color and date of birth. Include any experience such as school and church plays, and special skills that differentiate your child from his/her peers.

    Please send your submissions to:

    5 Star Talent Agency
    New Talent Department
    2312 Janet Lee Drive
    La Crescenta, CA. 91214

Work permit forms and information are available here and from your DSLE district office.

The Department of Industrial Relations has modified which offices will process permit applications. The office closest to the minors' residence is not necessarily the office that will process the permits.

In order to avoid delays, minors (parents) or the manager should contact the Department of Labor for the proper DSLE district office to send their permit application.


Please do not phone, fax or visit

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